Product Strategy,
& Design Services

How I can help you...

Whether you are a large company, tiny startup, enterprise or an agency, I work with you to tailor the approach to a given context. I cover 0-1, greenfield projects, iteration and optimization. With a collaborative mindset through all stages of the product development process, I put my creative problem-solving capabilities and plenty of experience to work in a customer-obsessed way, blending Research and Design with Product Management and Planning.

Getting to Know You

At the heart of the process is getting to know you, understanding your business needs, the market you operate in, your goals, motivations and constraints. It is the crucial part of our journey towards creating something successful for you.

Understanding the User

Working with your qualitative insight or getting it, I'll identify needs, tasks, and goals to help shape a unique offering. I'll also use data to identify patterns and ascertain value for both you and your customers, ensuring a well-informed and confident decision-making process.

Creative Problem Solving

I look beyond the obvious with some lateral thinking, often switching between micro and macro. Combined with concept testing, I can help shape project vision and increase confidence in a positive outcome.

Planning and Priority

I work with teams to help prioritize and plan a roadmap or backlog, breaking down visions, projects and features into manageable chunks and ensuring value to customer development on release.

Test and Learn

For new products or features, testing to learn quickly and leanly avoids building the wrong thing at the concept stage, or sourcing insight to get more clarity.

Measure and Optimize

Once out in the field, continuous measurement and customer feedback is key to evolving your product or service.

Who I've worked with:

A selection of companies I've worked with over my career, both national and international in scope, in Canada, the US, the UK and Europe, boosting business outcomes by improving conversion, retention, customer satisfaction, discoverability and usability.

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My creative Profiles

Innovation profile

This report puts my working preference in the generator section; I like to get things started, gather information and question; I learn by doing, and use that knowledge for ideation, finding more than one solution to a problem.

Strengths Finder

Inspired by the future, I can often get to patterns, problems and solutions quickly, providing multiple ways to proceed and figuring out how people can work together productively.